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Improve your cash flow management by having the option to easily access funds. Boost working capital to cover short-term or day-to-day expenses.

Services & benefits:

  • Possibility to use collateral as guarantees, enabling better contract terms
  • No term restriction
  • Funds can be used freely (no need for destination evidence)
  • Enables companies to buy fixed assets for its production process

HSBC differentiator:

Our specialists have a wealth of experience customizing lending programmers to suit the requirements and of all types and sizes of organizations

  • Digital Signature
  • Excellence in customer services
  • Agility in transactions disbursement

Who can benefit from it:

Working Capital is focused on you as a corporate banking user and it is one of our main solutions to provide growth for your company, whether your goal is improving working capital, reduce debt, expand your business reach or enhance your balance sheet.


  • The terms and conditions of the transaction will be clearly incorporated in a previously signed agreement.
  • Credit limit approval is necessary.


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