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A Client (the creditor of an obligation) transfers to HSBC, without recourse, its local receivables arising from the negotiation along with its customers (buyers) in order to anticipate cash flow.

Services & benefits:

  • Instant access to cash and improvement in cash flow early payment.
  • Offer Sellers the opportunity to reduce their Accounts Receivables Outstanding
  • IOF TAX = 0%

HSBC differentiator:

HSBC is your trusted partner focused on providing personalized service and agility for business transactions that will allow you to expand operations with the international support you need. We are highly experienced in international trade with over 150 years of experience and operations in over 50 countries and territories.

Who can benefit from it:

HSBC Clients who perform credit sales with their customers and want to anticipate it for cash flow and/or balance sheet ratios benefit purposes.


  • The terms and conditions of the transaction will be clearly incorporated in a previously signed agreement.
  • Credit limit approval is necessary.


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