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A guarantee issued by HSBC on behalf of its client, based on Brazilian Law, which ensures that a payment regarding an obligation (onshore) will be made if client do not perform it.

Services & benefits:

  • Liquidity enhancement (no need for Deposits and Anticipation) and competitive pricing
  • Less Documentation, speeding up transaction stages
  • Increased opportunities and Financial risk reduction
  • Improvement in balance sheet ratios
  • Facilitation of companies based in Brazil in international negotiations and bids

HSBC differentiator:

HSBC is your trusted partner focused on providing personalized service and agility for business transactions that will allow you to expand operations with the international support you need. We are highly experienced in international trade with over 150 years of experience and operations in over 50 countries and territories.

Who can benefit from it:

HSBC Clients who have a demand for Local Guarantees in Brazil in order to support businesses and related activities.


  • Signed guarantee agreement between you and HSBC and the transaction is supported by Credit Facility or Marginal Deposit.
  • Credit limit approval is necessary.


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